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Sales and Marketing Training for Startups

Get your startup marketing off the ground with training that establishes you as the authority in your space whilst building your confidence and skills.

Tom Wardman
Is this you?

Problems coaching solves

If you're looking to get your startup off the ground, then marketing is the best place to start. Let's talk if you're facing the following problems:

  • You lack a content strategy and don't know where to start.
  • Your sales teams don't see the value in spending on marketing at this time.
  • You don't have a CRM or MarTech stack, or it's not performing.
  • Your website is a liability, with poor messaging and conversion.
  • You can't afford, or even want to, outsource your marketing to an agency.

What is "They Ask, You Answer?"

They Ask, You Answer is a business framework that is focused on one core obsession: "What is my customer thinking?" Initially conceived by Marcus Sheridan, this sales and marketing framework has now been used successfully by thousands of B2B and B2C businesses worldwide across multiple industries.

Fundamentally, They Ask, You Answer is about creating better educated prospects who in turn become happier, better customers.

What this video from Marcus to see if They Ask, You Answer is a good fit for you and your company.


Results you can expect

If you're considering how to invest your marketing budget, the answer lies within. With sales and marketing training, you can learn how to implement the They Ask, You Answer framework in-house, and therefore control your sales and marketing destiny instead of depending on an outside agency.

Establish yourself as THE trusted voice in your space

By using your marketing to focus on educating customers, you build trust with your audience, weeding out bad-fit prospects and ensuring a smoother buying process.

Become an early adopter of a proven sales and marketing framework

By uniting your business around a shared vision and principle, your sales and marketing teams reach their potential and work as one unit.

Generate higher quality and better qualified leads to convert

With true buyer-focused content, your marketing team will finally generates more sales as you attract more qualified traffic and leads.


What's included with sales and marketing training?

Whilst it is possible to implement They Ask, You Answer yourself, many have found it helpful to go through a Certified Coach-led Mastery Program. This ensures you do the right work in the right order, and will involve:
Tom Wardman delivering a workshop

90-day planning session to align and set goals

We will start with an annual planning session, to take a deep dive into your company’s health and goals. This will allow us to agree the priorities for the first 90 days.

From there, together we will hold planning sessions every 90 days to review the last quarter and develop your next quarterly plan.

Executive coaching for you and your team

Following each 90-day planning session, we'll have a monthly executive coaching sessions, which will focus on detailed strategic work and principles of They Ask, You Answer.

This will also be an opportunity to review progress on quarterly priorities and learning objectives, and address any impediments or decisions your company has made. 

Tom Wardman delivering executive coaching
Tom Wardman coaching a team

Specialist training for Content Managers

In addition to your executive coaching sessions, there will be individual training sessions for your Content Manager. In these sessions, we will review task completions and progress as well as assign further learning materials and lessons to deepen skills.

You will also have access to weekly Office Hours for any additional queries you might have as we work together.

Digital scorecard to track progress

Before the annual and each 90-day planning session, you will complete your digital scorecard in IMPACT+ to review your progress against the 10 key principles of They Ask, You Answer.

This will help gauge how far away you are from graduation and your mastery journey.

They Ask, You Answer Scorecard

"Tom's TAYA workshop was interesting and informative, and gave us a great understanding of the importance of adopting a customer-centric approach to our content marketing strategy."

Rae Hill, Director at Wemico
Rae Hill

Director, Wemico.

Investment required for They Ask, You Answer Mastery

On average, businesses take 2 years to complete this training. It is possible to achieve Mastery in less time, which is subject to the work you put in and your scorecard results.


£1,500 per month
(£36,000 over 2 years)

  • Monthly executive coaching sessions
  • Bi-weekly Content Manager training sessions
  • Access to Coaching Office Hours


£2,000 per month
(£48,000 over 2 years)

  • Monthly executive coaching sessions
  • Weekly Content Manager training sessions
  • Access to Coaching Office Hours

Looking to move faster?

If you're interested in more frequent coaching sessions, and additional training for your team, then take a look at the full-service coaching packages.

All packages will require a one-time setup fee of £1,000 due at commencement. You will also require an IMPACT+ Pro license for each team member participating in the training. This starts from $59 per month for individual plans.


Certified They Ask, You Answer Coach

As a Certified Coach, Tom has completed an intensive training program to master They Ask, You Answer and advanced communication techniques, personally studying under Marcus Sheridan and Chris Marr at partner agency IMPACT.

Tom is one of a select network of Certified Coaches available worldwide, and is in the Top 5 original coaches based in the UK.

Tom Wardman is a They Ask, You Answer Certified Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

What is expected of me and my team during this training?

Remember, the whole point of sales and marketing training is free you of your independence on outside agencies.

As a result, you can expect the relationship to be built on the following:

  1. You do the work: I, as your coach, will plan and review the work you do.
  2. You will have ongoing homework and success will be predicated on doing that work: This will mean writing content, watching courses in IMPACT+, turning up to calls prepared and lots more.
  3. A marathon, not a sprint: You should expect this to be a long game, and be prepared to invest 18-24 months for success. I will keep you on track and ensure you are focusing on the most important priorities at the right time and in the right order.
What makes a business a good fit for this training?

If you are willing to learn and have an open mind, then you're a good fit for this training. This is one  of the most important prerequisites for They Ask, You Answer.

It is also important to be data-driven. If you are obsessed with measuring the effectiveness of  content, or want to be able to attribute revenue to specific marketing activities, this training will help you do that.

While They Ask, You Answer can be implemented by every organisation in every industry, it isn't a good fit for every company. For example, if you would prefer to hire an agency on a month-to-month retainer basis, then this training isn't right for you.

What other costs can I expect to succeed with They Ask, You Answer?

In addition to the coaching and training investment, you will want to consider the following costs:

  • Marketing automation and CRM: Almost all companies doing They Ask, You Answer successfully use HubSpot, Vidyard, and SEMrush. For most businesses, the software budget can range between £1,000 and £3,500 per month.
  • Content and Video staff: It is recommended that you hire a full-time Content Manager at the start of this training. As you grow, you can also look to add a full-time Videographer. Having a Content Manager and Videographer in-house is a key component of They Ask, You Answer success. Starting salaries for these positions can vary depending on your market, but we’ve seen a lot of companies hire at entry-level rates around £25,000 to £40,000 per year.
  • Video equipment: To do video successfully in-house, you will need to buy some video equipment, such as a camera, lighting, and a backdrop. Again, the cost can vary depending on your needs and budgets, but most businesses invest anywhere for £1,500 to £10,000.
How do I decide which package is right for me?

All plans will get you to They Ask, You Answer Mastery; it simply depends on how fast you want to go and how intensive you want the training to be. In our initial calls together, we will discuss your business needs and current setup to determine which plan is right for you.

Do I have to commit to the full 2 years?

Whilst it is possible to graduate in less than 2 years (businesses typically take 18-24 months), it is recommended that you plan on this being a 2-year commitment.

However, there will be an optional 12-month exit clause upon signup that can be used, subject a conversation about why this is not working for you and what can be done to resolve your concerns.

Get started on your coaching journey

If you're interested in working with me as your coach, head over to the Contact page to book a call to discuss further.