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When I speak at events, the audience gains actionable insights and powerful takeaways. With a focus on marketing innovation and business growth, I delivers keynote speeches and workshops that inspire and educate, ensuring your team leaves motivated and ready to implement new strategies.

Why book me as a speaker?

I'm a content marketing specialist and Certified They Ask, You Answer Coach, dedicated to empowering businesses with the confiudence and skills to implement marketing in-house and with the right direction.

Despite not being a trained marketer, I've seen firsthand the transformative power of effective comunication and content marketing. As an expert in this field, I've delivered numerous workshops, helping businesses understand and apply the principles of content marketing and the "They Ask, You Answer" framework. My training has brought companies together, fostering shared buy-in and enhancing their sales pipelines.

My expertise has led me to work with a variety of businesses, from small, one-man bands, to global enterprises. I am also a trained World Class Communicator, having studied under Marcus Sheridan and Chris Marr.

My passion for content marketing and communication continues to drive my work, and has led me to write my own book, titled Build A Trusted Brand (available on my website).

Tom Wardman, keynote speaker delivering a workshop
Tom Wardman, keynote speaker delivering a workshop


My Keynote Topics of Interest

I tailor all talks and workshops, ensuring that the contents remain practical, engaging and influential. I am passionate about a number of key marketing initiatives, with my keynotes taking on the following formats:

Navigating the Digital Buyer Landscape: Adapt or Fall Behind 

How Today’s Buyer Has Changed and What We Must Do to Earn Trust, Attract Qualified Customers, and Grow in The Digital Age

The modern buyer is more informed and digital-savvy than ever before. Adapting your business model to meet their needs is crucial for establishing a trusted and standout brand in today’s competitive market.

Businesses struggle to evolve their sales and marketing strategies to align with the expectations of these well-informed buyers. This disconnect leads to lost trust and missed opportunities.

In this talk, we’ll explore how to adapt and thrive in the digital age, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and success. Walk away with:

Evolving sales and marketing strategies

Learn how to reshape your sales and marketing departments to meet modern buyer expectations and leverage content and video to build trust and drive conversions.

Content that earns trust

Discover the specific content topics today’s buyers demand and how to address them effectively, integrating them into your sales process.

Embracing self-service trends

Learn about the growing trend of self-service and how to integrate it seamlessly into your website experience, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

Tom Wardman, pictured delivering the talk "Navigating the Digital Buyer Landscape"
Tom Wardman, pictured delivering the talk "Navigating the Digital Buyer Landscape"
Tom Wardman, pictured delivering the talk "Navigating the Digital Buyer Landscape"
Tom Wardman, pictured delivering his talk "Build A Trusted Brand"
Tom Wardman, pictured delivering his talk "Build A Trusted Brand"
Tom Wardman, pictured delivering his talk "Build A Trusted Brand"

Build A Trusted Brand: The 9-Step Marketing BLUEPRINT

Discover The Power of a Well-Structured Marketing Plan.

Your marketing strategy can make or break your business. It’s essential to get it right. Without a clear plan, efforts can be wasted, and results can be underwhelming.

Many struggle to implement an effective marketing strategy. Businesses often fall into traps that prevent them from effectively reaching their audience and generating sales.

This session will transform your approach to marketing. By following a step-by-step process, you'll build trust, generate leads and maximise sales. Walk away with:

Knowledge of common pitfalls to avoid

Understand the four traps businesses fall into when starting with content marketing.

A repeatable marketing framework

Learn the 9 essential steps of The Marketing BLUEPRINT to prioritise and execute a successful marketing plan.

Actionable implementation steps

Discover how to effectively put your marketing BLUEPRINT into action to drive results.

Going From No Investment to TIMELESS Marketing

Discover Why Marketing Is Essential For Your Business Success

Marketing is crucial for building trust, generating leads, and maximising sales.

Many businesses overlook the importance of consistent marketing efforts. And failing to invest in marketing can lead to significant setbacks and missed opportunities.

Ignoring marketing can have severe consequences. Without a robust marketing strategy, businesses risk losing trust, interest, and effective relationship management.

This session will transform your understanding of marketing’s importance. By following the TIMELESS Marketing framework, you’ll ensure sustainable growth and success. You'll walk away with an understanding of:

Trust and interest

Understand why consistent marketing efforts build trust and maintain audience interest.

Effective management

Learn the importance of managing relationships through strategic marketing.

Avoiding consequences

Discover the consequences of neglecting marketing and how to avoid them.

Tom Wardman, pictured delivering his talk "Going From No Investment to TIMELESS Marketing" virtually
Tom Wardman, pictured delivering his talk "Going From No Investment to TIMELESS Marketing" pre-recorded


Experience my style

Get an understanding of what your audience will experience when watching me from the stage or screen.

Approachable straight-talker

I delivers my messages with simplicity and clarity, avoiding jargon to ensure every audience member grasps the core concepts.

Powerful audience interaction

I engage directly with the audience, asking questions and involving attendees by name, creating memorable and impactful moments.

Infectious energy and passion

My genuine enthusiasm and energy stem from the transformative principles I teach, leaving audiences inspired and motivated.

An emotional and humourous journey

My talks blend humor and emotional reflections, providing an engaging and thought-provoking experience that resonates deeply with attendees.


Recent Talks and Podcast Appearances

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