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Hello, I'm Tom

I'm a passionate digital marketing strategic and operational expert, dedicated to driving business growth and digital innovation.


From musician to marketer

I'm a self taught marketer-by-accident. Whilst studying Jazz and Popular Music at the University of Hull, I began learning different marketing concepts in order to begin promoting bands and musical projects that I had founded during my studies.

It was during this time that I also began a part-time role in social media, working for a local accountancy firm. Upon graduating, I spent a number of years working a self-employed musician, at the same time continuing to learn about marketing, before embarking on a career change in 2017. It was at that time that I decided to pursue marketing full-time, eventually joining the agency world in June of that year.

From there, I began specialising in content marketing and strategy implementation, working with clients across multiple sectors, including Accountancy, Construction, FinTech, SaaS, Climate Consultancy and more.

I have also spent a number of years working specifically on agency marketing, moving away from the client side and supporting agencies with brand proposition, pricing, and process development.

In 2018, I met Marcus Sheridan, international keynote speaker and author of They Ask, You Answer, a business framework I continue to use to this day. I have trained directly under Marcus, first as a World Class Communicator and more recently as a They Ask, You Answer Certified Coach.


How I work with you

At the core of my work lies a commitment to solving your biggest challenges. I like to delve deep into understanding your business, identifying pain points such as inefficient processes, poor marketing ROI and stagnant growth.

My strategies in digital marketing and operational optimisation are designed to directly address these issues, fostering an environment where your business not only survives but thrives.


Bridging past and present

Our work is built on a foundation of years of real-world experience and a deep understanding of the digital marketing and operational challenges businesses face today.

This rich history informs every strategy I craft, enabling me to offer solutions that are not only innovative but also grounded in proven success.

My unique position stems from a blend of past insights and current trends, ensuring I'm perfectly equipped to navigate your business towards its future achievements.

"Tom's a talented marketer, a strategic thinker, a client-facing powerhouse — but more importantly, he's a top guy and a joy to work with."

Iain Gorman, freelance copywriter.
Iain Gorman

Freelance copywriter.

The values that drive me

The are the principles that guide every step I take. These values shape my approach to empowering your business's growth and innovation.


Standards are important to me, and I strive to deliver on the promises I make to you and your business.


My drive to achieve excellence helps me push the boundaries of what's possible to help you succeed.


Honesty and openness are at the core of my interactions, fostering a transparent partnership built on trust and respect.


I believe in encouraging autonomy and creativity to empower you and your business to carve your own path.


My constant reflection and awareness ensures we remain aligned to your goals and adaptable to an ever-changing landscape.


The professional stuff

  • Author of The Marketing BLUEPRINT.
  • Mentor to university students.
  • Certified HubSpot Solutions Provider.
  • 6 years+ experience in agencies.
  • 10+ years marketing experience.

The personal stuff

  • Keyboardist in tribute and wedding bands.
  • Avid reader of self-help and personal development books.
  • Yoga enthusiast and dog dad (x2!)
  • Lover of 24, Hawaii Five-0 and Marvel films.
  • Apple fan-boy (and booster of share price.)

Interested in working together? Have a look through my website and get in touch.