Accelerate your marketing team's onboarding with limited term training

Transform your team’s skills in content creation, HubSpot, and video marketing within just 3 months. Intensive training programs will provide the tools and knowledge needed to drive remarkable business growth and achieve your marketing goals.


Do you know the cost of not fully utilising your marketing tools?


Not maximising your marketing tools can lead to significant setbacks. Here are some critical challenges your team might be facing:

Underutilised HubSpot platform

Despite the investment, your team struggles to leverage HubSpot’s full capabilities, resulting in lower ROI and missed opportunities for growth.

Ineffective content strategy

Without proper training, your content may fail to engage or convert, leaving your marketing goals unmet and your strategy ineffective.

Limited video marketing impact

Your team’s lack of skills in video marketing can prevent you from fully engaging your audience and leveraging the most impactful marketing channels.

Tom Wardman, Kickstart Training


Empower your team with comprehensive kickstart training

Experience the transformative benefits of a 3-month intensive training program. Here’s what you can expect:

Maximise HubSpot capabilities

Ensure your team can fully leverage HubSpot, leading to increased efficiency, better ROI, and seamless integration with your business processes.

Develop a high-impact content strategy

Equip your team with the skills to create engaging, conversion-driven content that meets your marketing goals and resonates with your audience.

Enhance video marketing skills

Empower your team to produce and utilize compelling video content, boosting engagement and reaching your target audience more effectively.

Achieve self-sufficiency and cost savings

By training your in-house team, you reduce your dependency on external agencies, saving on costs and fostering a more agile and responsive marketing approach.


All inclusive training to steer you in the right direction

While it is possible to enhance your marketing capabilities on your own, many have found it beneficial to follow a structured, Certified Coach-led program. This ensures you do the right work in the right order, and typically looks like the following:

Tom Wardman, Content Training

Master content creation for long-term success

Imagine your team consistently producing high-quality content that not only engages your audience but also drives conversions.

In the first month, we’ll establish a robust internal content review process and gather valuable input from your sales team. Month two focuses on creating impactful content that aligns with the buyer’s journey and using tools like Grammarly and Hemingway to ensure error-free articles. In the final month, your team will master the Big 5 content types and maintain a well-planned editorial calendar. This comprehensive training ensures your content strategy is efficient, effective, and scalable.

Unlock the power of video marketing

Picture your team confidently creating compelling videos that captivate your audience and enhance your marketing strategy. The video training program empowers your team with the skills needed to produce professional-quality videos in-house.

By mastering techniques such as scripting, shooting, editing, and optimising videos for various platforms, your team will be able to engage potential customers more effectively. This training ensures your video content stands out, drives engagement, and ultimately boosts your business growth.

Tom Wardman, Video Training
Tom Wardman, HubSpot Training

Optimise your marketing with HubSpot mastery

Envision your team fully leveraging the power of HubSpot to streamline your marketing efforts and drive significant growth.

In the first month, your team will get an in-depth tour of the platform, grasp inbound basics, refine buyer personas, and master the forms tool. Month two dives into content and SEO, teaching the creation of pillar content, organising campaigns, and utilising HubSpot’s content strategy tool. The final month focuses on lead generation, covering conversion paths, CTAs, landing pages, and lead flows. This comprehensive training ensures your team uses HubSpot to its fullest potential, driving alignment and measurable results.


Investment required for Kickstart Training

The Kickstart Training is deliberately designed to be a limited term engagement of 3 months. You have the option of selecting how many training routes you want, and which combination.


per month for 3 months
Weekly training session
Curated online training sessions
Access to templates to streamline your work
Feedback on all work produced


per month for 3 months
2x weekly training sessions
Curated online training sessions
Access to templates to streamline your work
Feedback on all work produced


per month for 3 months
3x weekly training sessions
Curated online training sessions
Access to templates to streamline your work
Feedback on all work produced
Each trainee will also require an IMPACT+ Pro seat, which starts at £625/year or £75/month.


Certified They Ask, You Answer Coach

As a Certified Coach, I have undergone extensive training to master They Ask, You Answer and advanced communication techniques, studying under industry leaders Marcus Sheridan and Chris Marr at partner agency IMPACT. I am one of the first five original coaches based in the UK and part of an elite network worldwide.

With years of experience working as an in-house marketer, I understand the challenges you face and can relate to your struggles. My hands-on experience ensures that I don’t just teach the principles; I live them, helping your team achieve its highest potential.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should participate in the Kickstart Training?

Based on the training routes, those that participate should be involved in content and video creation, or management of your HubSpot portal

How long does the Kickstart Training program take?

The Kickstart Training program is an intensive 3-month engagement, providing comprehensive training in content creation, HubSpot, and video marketing.

What are the key outcomes of the program?

Participants will gain proficiency in creating high-quality content, mastering HubSpot tools, and producing impactful videos. Your team will achieve better alignment, improved efficiency, and measurable growth.

How is the training delivered?

The training is delivered through weekly virtual sessions.

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