How accountants can upsell the "IKEA way"

Upselling can be tough job for accountants. You’ve won the client, or the prospect knows what services they want, and now comes the opportunity to offer them more.

But how exactly do you do that. It can be a delicate subject, and you don’t want to come across pushy. The trick is to have a conversation, one where the services you want to offer just come up naturally in conversation, which is exactly what IKEA does.

So, in this video, I want to talk about how we can learn from how IKEA “sells us” their products and 2 ways you can take the same approach. Roll that intro!

For those who haven’t been, you start off at the showroom, where all of their products are right there in front of you. Everything’s organised into sections, or categories, and you walk through their showroom seeing everything they have to offer.

Once you’ve done that you end at their HUGGGGEEEEE warehouse where you eventually the products you want.

So what am I getting at. Well, when you look at this from a sales point, IKEAs showroom is a great example of upselling. You might have planned in advance what you look to buy, but as you start walking through the showroom, you’ll be looking around and in all likelihood, you’ll spot something and think “Oh I didn’t think of that, I need that too.”

And before you know it, you’re walking out the door with more than that intended, but that’s a positive, because deep down it’s stuff you ultimately needed.

The way you upsell your accountancy services should be the same. Rather than pushing services down the throats of your clients, you want them to just naturally come up in conversation, because that way you’re creating a dialogue, one that’s focused around doing what’s best for your client and not one that’s simply about getting more money from them.

So if you want to do this in your firm, there are two ways I think work really well:

The first of which is to consider a proposal tool. At PF, we’re good friends with GoProposal, which a lot of our own clients use.

What I like about GoProposal is how you can list out all of your services and when you’re meeting with the prospect or the client, they can see absolutely everything you can offer and chances are they’ll see something and think “Oh I didn’t know you did that” or “Oh I didn’t think about that, do you think I need that” and hey presto, you have the opportunity to have a conversation, and again, you’re not being pushy. You’re talking to the client about what’s best for them because deep down they’re looking at the bigger picture. They’re thinking long term and you have the opportunity to be a part of that.

The second thing to consider is how you onboard your clients.   As you sign someone up, you can use automation tools like MailChimp, Infusionsoft and so on, to give your clients more information about what to expect. It’s a good opportunity to say “hey we’re going to be working on this, have you considered this?” and again, it can spark a dialogue.

The thing to remember is that you want the “upselling” to be natural. Not forced. Not pushy. Create a dialogue, have a conversation, make it about the client, not about you making more money, and you’ll find that the conversations will be much more positive and your clients much happier and willing to do more with you.