Content marketing is timeless

Time is something we take for granted.

We all have 24 hours a day – that’s over a thousands minutes, over 80,000 moments that pass by us every day.

Time is finite. You can’t get it back once it’s gone. Even with “life-changing” products out there that are sold as “giving you time back”, in reality they’re not. You can’t get time back that you’ve already spent.

Time is valuable to us, and when we know how constricted we are with the precious 24 hours a day, we prioritise our time based on value. If you know you’re on the clock, or a deadline is looming, you’ll drop everything else to get that completed, because that’s what’s most valuable to you.

In accountancy firms, I’ve often found that marketing is one of those priorities that often gets dropped, but why?

Often, the answer is “It’s simple, I just don’t have time for marketing”. In my head, I’m often asking “why” because truthfully, neglecting your marketing comes with a whole host of conundrums.

You see, in my time working with accountants, one of, if not THE most popular problem accountants are faced with is the fact that they say, and better yet, they THINK they don’t have time for marketing. But it goes so much deeper than that.

That’s why I’ve written this for you.

As I work with accountants more and more, I’ve seen that this problem of “not having time for marketing” hasn’t been solved. You’ll say you’ve not got time for marketing. You’ll promise yourself that you’ll address your marketing later when you’ve focused your time elsewhere.

But to your statement of “I don’t have time for marketing”, I ask you “So what do you think happens now?”

That’s where this concept of TIMELESS Marketing has come from. And it’s a concept that, once you’ve read it, will hopefully change your perceptions and mentality when it comes to thinking about your marketing. Are you with me? More coming soon…


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